We did the Monster High Mash

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Hello, lovelies. I'm Robyn, my main account is here. This is just where I justify a 21 year old buying Monster High Dolls. Here I will track my collection and ogle the prettiness of dolls I don't have, if you want to get to know me drop an ask or head on over to my main. Hakuna matata.

Why is Mattel skimping out on the doll stands with the budget Scaris, dance class, and dead tired (wave 2) dolls? I mean, I can understand not including them with dead tired and maybe Scaris, but I want to pose my dance class dolls like they are dancing. Not stretching or warming up…

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    Stands are literally the worst thing they could skimp on and I’m getting sick of it. It makes collecting out of box...
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